Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gov MP George Christensen reported to police over gun threat online

Nationals MP, part of the glass jaw Joyce National party, has posted a picture online threatening "greenie punks" with him aiming a gun,sending social media into a state of disgust.

In the US this would probably be laughed at, but this isn't the US. It's Australia, that takes gun violence, or the threat of gun violence, very seriously. Our strong gun laws have enormous public support. The sight of a gov minister holding a gun and threatening those of a different political persuasion is no joking matter.

Hence Christensen has been reported to the police over it.

Such is the calibre of the National Party.
George Christensen has been reported to police by a Queensland environmental activist after the outspoken Nationals MP posted a photo of himself with a handgun on social media.

 Mr Christensen yesterday posted a photo of himself aiming a gun to Facebook with a post saying "You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?"

 Stop Adani's Ben Pennings said today Mr Christensen was an "appalling example" to his constituents and "threats of physical violence to peaceful protesters are particularly unacceptable".

 Mr Pennings said he'd added Mr Christensen's post to a complaint he filed on Thursday with Queensland police after receiving over 100 death threats online.

 "I reckon the abusers are ultimately cowards but I've gone to the police just to be sure," Mr Pennings said.

 "I've added George Christensen to the list and will report him to the Federal Police also. We shouldn't allow bullies to be Federal MPs."

Saturday, 17 February 2018

It's about the corruption, not the bonk - Angry Aussie (video)

Pistol and Boo's revenge
Pistol and Boo catching up on the latest Barnaby Joyce
The fact that Turnbull has slapped a bonk ban on federal MP's from screwing their staff (literally) shows that the gov doesn't realise what the real problem is with Barnaby Joyce. If he's screwed his staff member, wrecked his marriage and family relationship, but not done anything untoward with taxpayers money, then it would be a non-story. Probably a bit of shock in the community if it came out, but it would have been respected as his private life (albeit very unethical behaviour for a boss to bonk one of his employees).

By Turnbull banning the bonk he misses the point. He should be addressing the issue of the mistress being moved from from invented highly paid jobs of taxpayers money, or that Joyce and his mistress are living rent free in Armidale in country NSW rent free with the property being supplied by a doner to the Liberal party and which Joyce's department has given money to. 

BTW his mistress has quit parliament, but she was on stress leave since last October before becoming redundant nearly two months ago, where it's standard parliamentary practice to get 8 weeks salary after leaving as a redundancy payment. So since October taxpayers have been paying her her full wage despite her not being on the job, about to run out shortly. Add that to Barnaby's mega deputy PM salary and entitlements and one wonders why they're not paying rent.

Friday, 16 February 2018

$500 ripped off finally returned to my account by Paypal

You may have seen my post last week where crooks stole $500 out of my debit account using Paypal, (the full explanation of what happened is there at the link).

The money was  finally returned into my account today, so I now have the $820 for the fortnightly rent. Ten days after they did it, nine days after I noticed it online, and 4 days after the rent was due.

But I do feel good that the crooks didn't get my money. They must've thought they were being so smart using Paypal to access my account, and all it took was one call from me to Paypal to get the transaction cancelled and the money returned to me. Eat shit crooks! I'm going to close that old Paypal account BTW.

Albeit it was a drama waiting around for it to get back, ringing Paypal and the bank following it's progress. Can't believe it takes up to 7 working days for the bank to "process" the transaction in these days of instant computers online. I mean David and I transfer money between our accounts (we're with the same bank) and it's in the other account straight away, instantly. I'd say the banks hold onto everyone's money for days to get interest out of it. Imagine millions of transactions and $ sitting around getting interest for 7 days.

Gov coalition at war with itself - Joyce reaches new hypocrisy levels (video)

The prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and the deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce are at war with each other over Joyces affair with his staff member. Turnbull yesterday evening held a press conference in which he announced a new parliamentary rule that ministers are banned from having sex with their staff (duh, about time). In the press conference he described Joyce's decision to bonk his staff member a "shocking error of judgement" and that the Joyce should "consider his future". That's polite political speak for FFS  resign you bloody buffoon.

So glass jawed Joyce has responded today with a press conference of his own, whinging about how hurtful it's all been (I'll get to that) and describing Turnbull's press conference yesterday evening as "inept", "unnecessary", and "hurtful". (Video below)

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has denied trying to interfere with the National Party following criticism by party leader Barnaby Joyce this morning.

 Mr Joyce launched an extraordinary attack on Mr Turnbull, leaving the relationship in tatters, and the Coalition in crisis.

 It now appears the Prime Minister and his deputy are at war.

 Mr Joyce today returned fire, saying Mr Turnbull’s comments about his affair were “inept”, “unnecessary” and “hurtful”
So we now have the prime minister of Australia and the deputy prime minister conducting what is normally a behind closed door exchange, doing said exchange via media press conferences. If there was ever a sign of disunity and crisis then this is it. The gov relies on the coalition with the National Party to keep gov, having only a one seat majority in the lower house. The prospect of the coalition fracturing is one that would bring down this gov. Personally I hope it does, but I'd guess they'll kiss and make up with the real damage being in the polls.

For me however the staggering level of hypocrisy expressed by Joyce in his press conference today reached new levels. Not quoted in the news article from the interview was this from Joyce that left me with my jaw hanging open:

I would not wish on friend or foe the hurt, the scrutiny, the intense intrusion into your life that I've gone through, through this process. I would not wish that on friend or foe.
Glass jawed Joyce. The conservative who was one of the far right in the gov who hoisted the postal survey on us and had not the slightest care of the consequences to us, is now crying about his own personal life being dragged through the media. Poor diddums, after all as the gov said in the survey there's nothing wrong with "respectful debate". Perhaps he should "grow a spine"

No sympathy at all here, he deserved every bit of it. He's only copped it for a week or so, he should try enduring months of it. Then have the indignity of him voting on his own relationship. Karma. The universe has a way of evening itself out.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Senate postal survey inquiry completed - it was as fucked as we said it was (video)

Excerpt from inquiry (click to enlarge)

You can download the full survey here (PDF).

It's worth noting that this survey never had to happen. The numbers had been on parliament since the last election to pass it, if Turnbull allowed the gov to have a free conscience vote (Howard allowed 5 free votes in 11 years). However he failed to stand up to/lead the far right conservatives in his party, who were convinced the years of private polling by large polling organisations showing strong support for marriage equality, were wrong.

They imagined a "silent majority" who allegedly were to petrified to admit to pollsters from the comfort of their own home that they supported marriage equality, and therefore said they didn't. One wonders where all these petrified people went during the postal survey as there were a large number of people all too willing to preach their bigotry and lies about us online and in conversations. Even to the point of a man on an ABC Melbourne radio show calling in and voicing his appreciation of Hitler for rounding us up and killing us in his concentration camps, live to air.

We defeated the plebiscite that the far right insisted on, with thankfully Labor siding with us and voting it down the enabling legislation in the senate. However undeterred, the far right demanded the postal survey as a replacement to the plebiscite. Why a postal survey? Because it needed no enabling legislation and therefore the senate was powerless to stop it. LGBT groups went to the High Court to try and stop it over the allocation of public money ($120 million) without parliamentary approval. We lost, and the survey went ahead.

Turnbull threw us to the wolves because he was too scared he could lose his prime minster-ship without the support of the far right of his party, it's as simple as that. We became canon fodder in his gov's internal warfare, and for the sake of Turnbull's political career. It was particularly galling after the positive result of the survey to have the spectacle of Turnbull crowing about what a good idea it all was and taking credit for marriage equality finally passing in Australia. We''l never forget what that self absorbed prick did to us.

It passed despite Turnbull's acquiescence to every demand from the far right to delay and stop it. Despite him unleashing all the hatred and venom that the survey gave people a right to "have their say". It cost our community dearly, but there was no acknowledgement by the gov of that. This report from the senate does.

The senate has completed it's inquiry into the mental hell that was unleashed on us before, and during the postal survey that was hoisted on us by this gov. No surprises that it was as entirely fucked as we said it would be, and indeed was.

Of course now we have the Barnaby Joyce saga, with the gov in s huddle claiming his "private" life has been thrown out into the public arena for discussion, even though there appears strong evidence that public money was used inappropriately with his pregnant mistress being moved into invented jobs to his National Party colleagues offices. His excuses are lame bullshit, but the lamest of all is his protestations that it's his private life and shouldn't have been made public. I wonder how glassed jaws Joyce would feel if the country had a National vote on his relationship, complete with debates and a public campaign from either side? One rule for us, and another for them.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Disgusting hypocrite Barnaby Joyce - Angry Aussie (video)

Angry goes through the Barnaby Joyce saga as only Angry can. His relation of Joyce having sex is cringe worthy but funny at the same time. After all the image of Barnaby having sex is probably the most unfortunate thing to come out of this whole saga. When I first heard that he was screwing a staff member nearly 20 years his junior, my first reaction was "Eew! How could she fuck that?"    :s

Melbourne Archbishop says paedophilia is "a spiritual encounter with God through the priest"

Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart
Yes I had to read it twice too :s

This is from the Catholic church that wants more religious freedom in the inquiry into religious freedom in Australia. The church that the royal commission into institutional child sex abuse concluded that 7% of Catholic priests were paedophiles. The church that uses the confessional to cover up child sex abuse, claiming their church Canon law is "of a higher order" than Australia's criminal law.

To have this coming from a minor unknown priest would be bad enough, but to come from one of the most prominent Catholic leaders in the country is appalling and sick, showing that it goes right to the top.

One of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church says sexually abused children can experience “a spiritual encounter with God through the priest” while being molested.

 Australia’s most powerful clergy, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, says the Catholic practice of confession is satisfactory for dealing with pedophilia in the church as it helps priests absolve “their own guilt” after sexually abusing children.

 Asked whether he was prepared to be jailed for failing to report child sex abuse by Catholic pedophile priests, Archbishop Hart confirmed he was willing to serve prison time. He also claimed the right to cover for pedophiles in the church is an “absolutely sacrosanct communication of a higher order.“

 He made the shocking statement in response to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse which stated there should be “no excuse, protection nor privilege” for Catholic clergy who failed to alert police of abuse within the church.

 But Archbishop Hart disagreed and insisted that sexual abuse was “a spiritual encounter with God through the priest” and was “of a higher order” than criminal law. Your News Wire

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Barnaby Joyce's previous affair - from those who broke the Campian affair

Jannette Cotterell allegedy had an affair with Joyce before Campian's present affair

*Update 2: Thanks to web archiving, the entire post from New Crime weekly is available here. Stupid Liberal neanderthals.


*Update: True Crime Weekly was forced to take the down the story after threats of legal action by Jannette Cotterell. However, as this here blog is a small affair (pun intended) on my little corner of the internet, I'm fucked if I'm going to take this here post down. After all, I've quoted the most juicy bits in the article :)


 According to True Crime Weekly (the outlet that broke the present Campian affair last October) now alleges that deputy PM Barnaby Joyce had a previous affair with a Jannette Cotterell, who was a Canberra Lobbyist with links to Crosby Texter.

Perhaps one would think this is just more gossip and innuendo, however given that this is from the people who first broke the story about Joyce's Campian affair way back last October and the present media frenzy over it, it certainly gives some weight to this story.

There's much more at the link.

However, it is the next revelation that is not only likely to end Mr Joyce’s political career but may also perhaps place the Federal Government in a hole that it is likely to never come out of.

 True Crime News Weekly can now reveal the testosterone and alcohol-fuelled politician is alleged to have embarked on a sexual affair commencing in 2014 with high-profile Canberra-based lobbyist, Jannette Cotterell. Ms Cotterell is the founder of lobby group Executive Counsel and also has deep links to the Liberal Party’s favourite PR and spin manipulation machine, Crosby Textor. Mr Joyce was the Agriculture Minister at the time, having successfully transferred down from the Senate to the House of Representatives in 2013.

 The alleged illicit affair was revealed to True Crime News Weekly by a well-placed source in Canberra.

 “Around the time Jannette attended the Midwinter Ball with [Deputy Liberal leader] Julie Bishop in 2014 she was involved in a sexual affair with Barnaby. She is divorced. He was not,” the source told True Crime News Weekly.

 “Ethically such intimate involvement between a Minister and a lobbyist seems corrupt. She wrote favourably about him on her page. She enjoyed the power, prestige, information available to her as his mistress. He traded who-knows-what for sex?”

 Like Ms Campion, his current squeeze, Ms Cotterell also happens to be a former journalist. She is the former wife of journalist Glenn Milne – better known as the ‘Angry Dwarf’ or ‘Poison Dwarf’ – who became infamous for attempting to drunkenly fight Crikey founder Stephen Mayne on stage at the 2006 Walkley Awards for journalism. True Crime Weekly

Townhouses where Joyce and his present mistress are living rent free (click to enlarge)

NBN considers wireless technology to bypass unreliable copper NBN areas :s

And here we go for the latest fiasco from Turnbull's copper NBN lemon. Yes folks, they've come up with a solution to fix some areas of fibre to the node deemed to be "unreliable" or "corroding". A 5G wireless Network to bypass problem areas.

Um, which is what is already being built by the private sector.

Which will cost NBN more per home than putting fibre to the premises in the first place. 

Which is an admission by NBN that parts of their Network are fucked.

What's more the minister doesn't even now about the 5G overbuild.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Demand the removal of Barnaby Joyce - please sign petition (+my latest Barnaby dummy spit)

It's getting more and more ridiculous and tenuous for Barnaby Joyce to remain in the parliament. He should at least step down until a full inquiry is completed into his use of public money in dealings with his pregnant mistress (who he's now living with rent free thanks to a rich party donor). Soon he will assume the office of acting PM as Turnbull goes and talks bullshit with Trump in Washington. Surely this shouldn't happen with so much of a controversial cloud of corruption hanging over his head.

The public is getting more and more outraged by the day at the excuses and cover ups. We're being told it was all OK to have his mistress moved from office to office, with high paying taxpayer funded jobs being created for her after her presence in Joyce's parliamentary offices was causing major problems (one staff member eventually left over it). That it's all above board with travel expenses. That it's all none of our business as it's a "private matter". 

Today the latest bullshit from Turnbull is that by parliamentary rules his mistress isn't classed as his "partner" so therefore he didn't break any ministerial guidelines in her being moved out of his office to a newly created job in another office, in which she wasn't replaced upon leaving. By parlaimentary rules she's not even considered his partner today even though he's been shacked up with her for weeks! WTF? Centrelink deems someone a partner from the day the couple move in together. Why on earth is it one rule for us having to comply with Centrelink, and another for politicians?
Sydney Morning Herald

If this pisses you off then there's a new petition taking off that you can sign here. It's bad enough that he's in parliament at all, but this drunken carousing buffoon being our acting prime minister is just beyond the pale. It's an insult to the office of prime minster, but mostly and insult to all Australians. We're being treated with contempt as simpletons who will mindlessly believe any bullshit that comes out of the mouths of this gov. 

Sign here.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Zac and Casper reunite :)

*click to enlarge
Zac and Casper have always gotten on well, but with Cloe around pretty much all Zac's attention was taken up with her. They were a team, just about joined at the hip. Wherever one was the other wouldn't be far off.

Zac has really missed Cloe since she passed away. He's a very smart cat too. After Cloe died we neglected to put the carrier box back up on top of the wardrobes where it's stored. After a couple of days I found Zac staring up at the top of the wardrobe looking for the box. Maybe wondering if Cloe had somehow survived and would be coming back home in said box. I went and got it out of the spare room, gave David the towel in it as he was putting washing in, and showed Zac the empty box for him to look in. Then I put it on top of the wardrobes highly visible.

He still really misses her though, you can see it in his eyes. He's been very clingy and loving too, and at times just very quiet a sullen.. We've made sure to give him lots of cuddles and attention. This is the first time he's known death. After all he is only three years old.

Casper, Cloe's sister of one year old, I think is maybe a bit young to understand death yet. I think he thinks she may just appear again one day after being away. The other day he walked through the lounge room looking for her. She used to hide in various places and pounce when Zac or Casper walked past, so funny she always outsmarted the boys playing with them. So Casper was looking at the various places she used to hide to see if she was there.

All very sad, but thankfully animals seem to get over death quite quickly. There's an acceptance that it's just nature and everything dies; sometimes sooner, sometimes later. So now with Cloe gone the whole cat dynamic is changing again.

Both Zac and Casper have started playing together again a lot, and Zac is giving Casper a lot of attention. Licking him and showing love to him, even disciplining him at times with a hiss. David reckons it's because he lost his little girl Cloe so he's not going to lose Casper too and will be really protective. 

In any case it's great to see them bonding again. You can see Cloe in Casper; he has the same loving personality and not a mean bone in his body.

Zac giving Casper a licking :)

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Turnbull goes Barnaby hypocrisy over his "private" life (video)

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce pissed at work

*Update: Is this man fit to serve?

The deputy PM Barnaby Joyce's affair with his pregnant girlfriend has well and truly exploded across Australian media, turning into another massive headache for the Turnbull gov. You'd think the gov would be used to headaches by now, but this one is a doozy!

The anger in the community you can almost taste. My guess is that he'd not have won the New England by election had this have been reported as now back then. People are appalled at what he's done to his wife and 4 daughters. Appalled at what he did in his Canberra gov office workplace. Appalled that he didn't even have the forethought to practice safe sex, particularly with a real possibility of pregnancy. Appalled at the way he's treated those staff of his who disagreed with the affair, overlooking them for positions or promotion. At the way the prime ministers office was forced to intervene to get her moved out of his parliamentary office, a new full time job being created in MP Mat Canavan's parliamentary offices that wasn't there before. The position wasn't advertised and she was not replaced by anyone after she left. And on and on....

But most of all for us LGBT it is the sheer unadulterated hypocrisy from Joyce, pleading for privacy after throwing our private lives to the wolves for months during the marriage equality postal survey. Up until now it's pretty much been Joyce pushing this line, albeit other Canberra politicians giving the statutory line of staying the fuck out of the Barnaby affair. However, the prime minister himself has entered the fray pleading for Joyce's privacy in entirely hypocritical language at least equal to Joyce's. It's not just Joyce now, but hypocrisy from this gov on the issue.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he and his wife Lucy are acutely aware of the hurt Barnaby Joyce's marriage breakdown has caused his estranged wife and daughters.

 Mr Turnbull would not be drawn on reports the Deputy Prime Minister's new partner and former staffer was offered a posting in a colleague's office last year, saying he did not want to publicly discuss private matters.

 "It is a tough and distressing episode and I am very conscious - Lucy and I are very conscious - of the hurt occasioned to Natalie and their daughters in particular," he told reporters in Canberra on Friday.

 "So that's why I don't want to add or contribute to the discussion about it."

 The Prime Minister rejected the need for Australia to follow the United States and ban MPs from sleeping with their staff.

 "Relations between consenting adults is not something that normally, you would be justified in, if you like, seeking to regulate," he told reporters. 

 "Adults can conduct their relationships - if it's consensual, respectful - that's their right." The Age
*My bolding.

Shame the prime minister didn't think like that about us LGBT in the postal survey. He certainly wasn't "acutely aware" of our pain. 

He could have simply called a free conscience vote in parliament (like Howard did 5 times in 11 years) and the numbers were already there for marriage equality to pass. But no, he put us through hell just to placate the RWNJ's in his party. 

One rule for us and another for the gov.

Joyce with soon to be pregnant girlfriend, taxpayer funded trip to Sydney
How is it even possible for someone to have sex with this man?

Friday, 9 February 2018

PrEP is going on Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

The HIV prevention drug (Truvada) PrEP , which is 99% effective at preventing HIV infection, is soon to be listed on Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The price will be drastically reduced with the gov subsidy provided through the PBS from around $10,000 a year to about $500 a year. Less for those on a pension or benefits I guess. It will make the drug accessible to many Australians for the first time.
Truvada can currently cost up to $10,000 a year but a PBS listing is expected to bring the price to below $500 a year, meaning thousands of at-risk individuals, including men who have sex with men, injecting drug users and sex workers, will have greater access to the drug.

 The likely decision has been welcomed by advocates. Nic Holas, the co-founder of the The Institute of Many (TIM), a peer-run group for HIV positive people, said in a statement: “For too long, people living with HIV have born the brunt of expectation, responsibility, and blame when it comes to keeping the community safe from HIV. PrEP offers HIV negative people the opportunity to take more responsibility for their own safety”.

 “PrEP is a necessary and urgent tool, and one of a new array of options in the fight to end HIV,” Holas said. “We have long said that until PrEP is fully accessible, it will not be fully effective. We have already seen in some jurisdictions how PrEP, in combination with other prevention methods, testing strategies, and meaningful community engagement, has helped to reduce instances of HIV transmission. Now, we hope to see the same effect across the country, and beyond just the community of gay and bisexual men affected by HIV.” Junkee

Media release from Positive Life

Crooks stole $500 out of my debit card account using Paypal

Update 2: The money was returned to my ban account today, nine days after I noticed it first gone and four days late for the rent. But it's here finally.

*Update: I rang Paypal again to day to see what was happening and they had processed the reversal yesterday with the money being accepted by my account. I then rang the bank asking how long it would take for them to process it and the $500 finally arrive back in my account. They said up to seven working days from yesterday (Monday). WTF? So it may not be next week before I can finally belatedly pay this fortnight's rent. I've sent three emails to the real estate agent keeping them up to date of whats going on. The rent was due yesterday BTW.


I checked my account yesterday to make sure there was enough left for the fortnightly rent and got a big shock. There had been a $500 withdrawal from my account by some mystery person, through Paypal. WTF? They'd taken over half of the rent money!

So I rang the bank and had the card cancelled and an investigation started, but it wasn't looking good for the money being put back any time soon. Between 4 to 40 days they said. Thing is the rent is due on Monday and I've set it up to go out today. The bank couldn't help me there, instead told me to go and see the manager at the local branch and tell him my situation. FFS! They also told me to ring Paypal as likely they could sort it out much sooner than the bank could.

So I rang Paypal. The account they used was one I'd had for years and had forgotten about, not used it at all for ages. It was even set up through my old email address. I must say Paypal was really good. Long story short they reversed the transaction there and then, but said it would take a few days for the bank to process it and the money to be put back into my account. 

So I've had to suspend this weeks auto pay rent thing and send an email to the real estate agent telling them the story, and that I'd pay it manually in a one off transfer when the money came through.

So WTF happened? How did the crooks do it? I always use Paypass as it's secure and can't be traced. The only thing that I've bought online in recent times are a $20 pair of PC speakers from J B Hi Fi which I went and picked up after ordering. That's it. Haven't even topped up my Opal transport card online. Has the J B Hi Fi database been hacked? I asked this to the Paypal guy reversing the transaction, and he said no matter how big the organisation no one is immune from hacking. Or was it an employee with access to that information?

The other thing is this debit card is only a couple of months old, yet they had my name, the card number, expiry date, and even the three digit security number on the back. How the fuck did they get that?

The other thing is when I was on hold to Paypal they were advertising this new feature they'd invented. If you link your card to your Paypal account then you can buy stuff through Paypal and it goes straight out of your card account, even when your Paypal balance is zero. Honestly, what a dead set stupid invention. They're just about asking for crooks to take advantage of it.

So that's as near as I can figure out what happened. The only place they could have gotten my debit card number was via the J B Hi Fi purchase. What's more they'd have had to hack my Paypal account to link the card with the Paypal account, thereby making a purchase direct from my debit card even though my Paypal balance was zero.

The other thing is that it happened on Wednesday; the day my DSP pension went in. The Paypal guy also said the transaction was done in Australia. Did they know I was on a pension? Were they waiting for my pension to go in to steal it? It would appear so, which makes it even worse - stealing off a pensioner FFS. They must have had some sort of access to my account with the card details, I can't think of any other way they'd know I was on a pension and the day I was getting paid. Centrelink pays different benefits on different days.

Anyway I rang the bank back and told them Paypal had come to the rescue and they cancelled the investigation. No more J B Hi Fi online purchases for me folks!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Barnaby Joyce grilled in interview over "private" life/pregnant girlfriend (video)

Our adulterer and glass jawed deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce
Update: Gay rights campaigner slams ‘hypocrite’ Barnaby Joyce as his ex wife speaks out on ‘devastating’ affair 

On the ABC's 7:30 report last night Barnaby Joyce was questioned over his affair with a staffer, getting her pregnant, and subsequently leaving his wife of 24 years along with his four kids to shack up with the 20yr younger girlfriend. All this happening with the deputy prime minister when he was preaching "the sanctity of marriage" to Australia and him quite happy to have our private lives debated in the public arena for months.

Here he replies to all the innuendo after the main stream media frenzy on him began yesterday. It's appalling to see him in this interview, the precious petal crying foul because his private life was now out in the public arena for discussion and debate. Everything he says in this interview should be seen in the light of the postal survey on our LGBT lives that he was so willing to hoist on us. Everything he says about himself is what we were saying about us in the survey. 

But instead of taking it on the chin and getting on with the circumstances hoisted on us, it's clear that Joyce has a glass jaw. His circumstances weren't even hoisted on him but were of his own doing. Now it's news for Australians to digest he can't take the heat. Imagine if we were to have a national vote on his personal life like we did ours. The snowflake would melt. He's happy to dish it out, but the coward can't take even just a little bit back.

This isn't about his marriage breakdown and all the sordid details of the new pregnancy. It's about his hypocrisy during the marriage equality debate and his own preciousness. Indeed it's one rule for us LGBT and another rule for Barnaby Joyce. 

Questions are being asked as to why the main stream media hadn't reported this earlier. It was the worst kept secret in Canberra. Questions about whether it was newsworthy or not just don't cut it. How different things might have been if it had of been widely reported during the marriage equality survey! Surely in the debate about our personal lives that alone would have made it newsworthy if only for topical reasons. But it wasn't. The Canberra press gallery decided Joyce's personal life was out of bounds. Shame they didn't think that about us eh.